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( i know you think that i shouldn't still love you )

} i'll be there when your heart stops beating
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( i'll be there when your last breath's fading away )
something old

{our song is over and heavy}
something newsomething borrowedsomething blue
a community for everything and nothing, for laughter and housing, for stories and dreams. it's the home of moe and bizzu and their reign will be one of cute, sweet and incestuous relationships innocence. for now.

BIZZU. She's a geeky girl boy who enjoys marmite, shota and megane characters more than she should do. She's a history enthusiast with a bit of a height complex and spends her days complaining, playing video games, accidentally quoting Stalin and making terrible puns. She may be tactless and say things at the wrong time, making you cry occasionally, but my goodness, she does mean well. With a brain that works ten-to-the-dozen trying to process the world, she's often confused and unaware of her surroundings, but she'll try her best to make every day better and better~ <3
RAYCH, aka moe. she's a girl who's old enough to know better but still plays around. in love, happy, and carefree. she's a iconist, a writer and a poet by trade, though she slacks ninty percent of the time. giggly, smiley and just plain chipper, she's a girl with a passion for life and a heart in the right place. she wants to keep learning, learning forever, because without learning we get nowhere. she'll offer you the key to her heart without a second question, her trust is freely given to those who smile and offer their hand.this is the thanks, for we must give credit where credit it due.

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if you think we've used something that belongs to you and it's not credited, drop us a line!